Shopping at the Stoke Factory

Our Gift Shop is where you’ll find all of our current ranges of pottery plus our growing ranges of non-pottery items such as bedding, stationary, glass, tin, melamine and enamelware plus beautiful stationery, books and gifts.

Our Factory Shop is a constantly evolving treasure trove of Seconds and Discontinued Emma Bridgewater pieces in our most popular patterns and  ranges at very discounted prices, as well as occasionally highly desirable sample too.

What is the difference between “first” quality and “seconds” products?

All Emma Bridgewater pottery is inspected before it leaves our factory. As all of our pieces are handmade, some items may contain small faults. We classify these items as “seconds”. When an item is classified as a second the fault may be in the finish, the decoration or the shape.

The faults are not structural, so each piece still functions as intended and is usable. The fault will be marked with a black or red pen, but don’t worry this will easily wash off.